Collaboration Room Environment

Empower your business with collaboration infrastructure that fits your company’s size, IT requirements and budget.

What is Collaboration Room Technology?

Enable everyone to meet using virtually any device, for a business-quality video collaboration experience that combines video, voice, and content sharing technologies.

Technologies change every day. The newest innovations can make all the difference in improving your training programs, engaging your audiences, demonstrating new ideas, and more. Whether you are a large company or a small college, you need the best way to manage your unique team or training room workflow.


Nation Alpine provides a holistic room design that can deliver an optimal collaboration experience, including fully immersive video conferencing. The qualities of the Nation Alpine experience drive user adoption and return on investment. We also constantly monitors new developments and technologies so we can bring you the newest and best innovations. Anything from design reviews to group decisions, new teaching tools help your team learn and collaborate together.


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