Meeting Room Environment


Nation Alpine helps companies to get a better meeting experience & also plan functions and meetings with central, web-based systems

What is Meeting Room Management?

A new way to book your meeting room. One platform that makes it easy for you to manage rooms and resources and to book a room anywhere, even if it is in a different time zone or location.

Nation Alpine has the capability to design, supply, install & maintain meeting  room environment for all industry sectors. With the latest technology, meeting room can be increase the utilisation needs. Now people can meeting  from a mile away with helps of video conference and phone conferencing technology. The problem of double bookings also can be reduce with the Meeting Room Management system.

Digital meeting room booking systems reduce double bookings and make meetings more productive. Nation Alpine helps companies plan functions and meetings with central, web-based systems that connect to MS Outlook. You can book meeting rooms directly from your calendar appointments.


Effective meeting room coordination with electronic integration offers great flexibility for the user and creates a better booking experience, which is straightforward and intuitive.


Meeting room management software can be combined with wall-mounted digital room signage that clearly indicates users, meeting purpose and timings

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